Accra is not exclusively Trinidadian, they’re made all around the Caribbean – they’re seafood fritters, usually with some leavening in the batter to make them fluffy. Salt cod seems the most common meat, but shrimp ones are out there too, and after that, it’s all thousands of thousands of neat variations on the recipe.

However, in some parts of the Caribbean, especially Haiti, Accra is completely different – instead of fish, they’re fried taro fritters. Both are related directly to West African Akara, a fritter made from cowpeas or beans – which also is the origin of the shrimp-based Brazilian Acarajé.

I’m using the Accra recipe from Ramin Gansehram’s Sweet Hands – her green fig curry turned out great, and I had extra salt cod left over to use up.

The recipe takes a bit of work – you need to cook the salt cod with a few changes of water to get it so you can flake it with a fork, and the batter needs about an hour to proof. The recipe called for both hot sauce and green seasoning in the batter, and while I could have made some green seasoning from scratch, I went the easy route and used a bottle imported from Trinidad, along with that great Calypso Scotch Bonnet sauce I’ve been using this month.

The Accra cooked up GREAT. They’re light and fluffy, somewhere between a latke and a pancake in consistency, slightly spicy with a lovely flavour from all the seasoning, pepper, and the green onion and cilantro. They fry up quick and easy, and I used both the green seasoning and the hot sauce as a topping for the fritters.

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