TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: Trinbagonian Radio

Trinidad and Tobago is so famous for its music, and its live radio does not fail to deliver. As always, Radio Garden was my first stop, but there are also a lot of great channels live on Trinidad Radio Stations. In fact, there are a LOT of great radio stations all over T&T – this is barely scratching the surface.

Caribbean Wave Radio QX93 – This has been one of my favourite stations to listen to this month. It’s a great mix of soca, calypso, reggae, funk, and all other kinds of upbeat Caribbean music. No talking or ads either, it’s just a great vibe. Listen live here.

Talk City 91.1 FM – A really interesting station that’s music, news, and talk – they only play music from T&T and the Caribbean, including some very powerful political folk and calypso when I tuned in. They also have a strong focus on freedom of speech, democratizing radio, and good quality talk radio and journalism. Listen live here.

Dread Radio – An online station in Port of Spain exclusively playing reggae. While reggae is deeply connected to Jamaica, it’s also had a huge influence across the Caribbean, with Trinidad producing plenty of homegrown artists. Listen live here.

The Red House, Port of Spain – Source

Sangeet 106.1 FM – This station covers the huge variety of Indo-Trinidadian music – chutney, classical Indian music, Bollywood, and all sorts of jams that weave in Hindi and Indian music. Fun hosts, call-ins, and requests too! Listen live here.

Radio Toco 106.7 FM – Local radio for the town of Toco, up on the northeast corner of Trinidad. There’s a huge variety of shows, depending when you tune in. Sometimes it’s gospel, sometimes it’s dance remixes or soca, sometimes it’s the news or a breakfast show. It’s never the same thing twice. Listen live here.

Pulse 89.5 FM – Based out of Signal Hill on Tobago. When I tuned in on the weekend, and got an amazing live DJ set, blasting a huge upbeat dance mix. They also have lots of live DJ sets on their Facebook page. Then when I tuned in on Monday morning, it was a very sharp and intelligent call-in show about issues of corruption and inefficiencies in government. Listen live here.

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