GABON: Geography and history

Back on the Geography Now! train this month. It’s a bit silly, but this is one of the best overviews for starting from absolute zero knowledge about Gabon. Gorillas, surfing hippos, oil money (and so a much higher per capita income than most of sub-Saharan Africa), and an oddly close relationship to Trinidad and Tobago?

Here’s a look that covers a few of the same points but in more depth (and in ASMR if you’re looking to get some sleep). They also touch (very gently, even too gently) on a bit more on recent history, including President Omar Bongo Ondima holding onto power until his son, Ali Bongo, took over at his death.

CHILE: Why is it shaped like that?

A useful little primer that explains why Chile is shaped like that!

Also, please enjoy a delightfully stupid look at a hypothetical “Long Chile”:

Also, if you are a fan of ASMR videos, here is a soothing read-through of a coffee table book covering Chile’s landscapes from north to south:

Okay, okay, fine, here’s the requisite Geography Now! video: