ALGERIA: Algerian Radio

Bardo National Museum – Source: Reddit

A great month for radio – there are a lot of options for interesting Algerian programming. Most of these were found through Radio Garden – and there are a lot more options from Algeria if you’re interested!

Radio Algérie Chaîne 3 – Radio Algérie is Algeria’s public broadcaster, so there are a huge selection of channels. In addition to specific music, Quranic study, sports and other channels, it has three main talk channels. The first is in Arabic, the second in Berber languages, and the third in French. I ended up listening to the French channel, since that’s the one I speak. There’s news, interviews, call-ins from the public, as well as a mix of western and Algerian pop music. Listen live here.

Radio Tamenrasset – Most of the radio I’ve been listening to is from coastal Algerian cities, particularly Algiers, so I decided to use Radio Garden to find the station furthest south into the Sahara I could find, in Tamenrasset. Music is mostly Amazigh / Algerian folk music, and I tuned in a few days ago during Eid to a beautiful show of members of the public calling in to sing recitations of the Quran. Listen live here.

Skyrock Alger – Really great mix of high energy pop, rap, and dance – they seem to mix between Algerian, French and Top 40 hits – when I was listening they were playing Lil Nas X’s Montero on heavy rotation. Its a great song, so I’m not fussed. Not much talk, about from their bumper of “le soleil, la mer, le foot – Skyrock Alger” (The sun, sea, and soccer). Listen live here.

Jow Radio – This has probably been my favourite radio station to listen to – it’s a digital radio station in Algiers that plays one of the biggest range of music – Algerian / Maghreb, French, Top 40, and pretty much every style of music – rap, dance, pop, 90s, oldies. Listen live here.

Radio Dzaïr – This is not one, but eight online radio stations – all play different varieties of Algerian folk music – Chaabi, Raï, Saharan music, Andalusian, etc. It’s a great way to explore – I particularly like the station just titled Dzaïr – it’s usually high energy folk music, often with ululations. Listen to all of the stations here.

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