ALGERIA: More snacks

Let’s try the second half of the Algerian snacks I got from Bahdja Market. It’s a very similar setup as the other snacks – pop, wafers, and cookies!

Apple Slim – There’s several different fruit flavours of Slim – I was torn between pineapple and apple, but went for the latter since that’s a surprisingly uncommon drink flavour here in Canada. Despite the name, it’s not diet pop. It’s also not artificial “green apple” flavour, it’s more like pop meets apple juice. It’s floral, with a bite of a bite – I really like it!

Bimo Vanilla Wafer cookies – In addition to the chocolate wafer cookies from my last post, I got a pack of vanilla ones as well. Just very nice vanilla wafers – not too sweet and just right.

Maxon XL – Like two arrowroot cookies with chocolate in between them. Not bad, but feels like the biscuit-to-chocolate ratio is a bit too heavy towards the biscuit end – needs more chocolate!

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