UKRAINE: Sweet vs savoury varenyky

When I got an Ukrainian pierogi (aka varenyky) lunch at Ottawa Pierogies, I also grabbed some frozen treats for later. I got some borscht, and two kinds of pierogies that I’d never tried before – saurkraut and mushroom, and sweet cottage cheese pierogies.

I boiled the savoury pierogies first, then cooked the sweet ones while I was browning the first batch in a bit of butter. The borscht was lovely and flavourful, and the mushroom pierogies were out of this world – especially with sour cream (with lemon squeezed in, trust me) and some pickles imported from Ukraine.

The sweet pierogies weren’t my favourite – they were too sweet. I’ve had sweet Polish pierogies before and liked them, but they had blueberries in them instead and went well with sour cream. I think the cream cheese ones need just the full dessert excess treatment to really work – chocolate syrup on top or something like that.

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