ECUADOR: Clowning around in office

A few years back in 2015, comedian John Oliver got into a ridiculous spat with the President of Ecuador at the time, Rafael Correa. Correa’s extended, personal state of the nation addresses were not unique – Hugo Chavez pioneered them, but Correa’s were noteable for the President doxxing individual trolls on Twitter.

“The President of Ecuador has been shit-talking me on Twitter all week long.”

However, what really ticked off most Ecuadorians was the trash talk around Tiko Tiko, a beloved children’s entertainer and clown.

“It can’t be that international TV makes fun of such a prominent person … poor Tiko Tiko!” – Ecuadorian Tweet

BBC News: “Ecuadorians leap to clown’s defence after John Oliver skit”

From the comments, it seems Tiko Tiko’s solar system song holds the same place in people’s hearts as the Animaniacs’ Country Song does in North America.

As time is a flat circle, Tiko Tiko, aka Ernesto Huertas Carrillo, unsuccessfully ran for office in 2016 for the Socialist Party. He did register sans makeup, but petitioned to run under his stage name. I can’t guarantee the auto-translated auto-captioned subtitles are even remotely correct, but there’s something to do with aliens.

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