I’m bolstered by my previous bread success, so I’m taking a kick at piada! Piada (also called piadina) is a soft flatbread, like a thicker tortilla, that is folded in half around various fillings. It’s popular in both San Marino and Romagna – and it’s actually so iconic there that it has protected geographic status in Italy.

The dough recipes all vary a bit, some use lard and some use olive oil. I’m using this recipe from Curious Cuisinère, it uses olive oil and a little bit of milk into the dough. I’m going to cut the recipe in half.

As for the fillings, I took a look at the menus of piada restaurants in San Marino – the sky’s the limit! There’s piadas with fillings that are savoury, sweet, or even with fries inside. I’m going to go for a classic flavour combo – prosciutto, fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomato, and arugula.

It took a bit of trial and error to keep them from overcooking or getting so crispy that they stopped being pliable, but I was getting close by the last one! Folded it over and put it back in the pan with the filings inside to get it nice and toasty. Really good, especially hot from the pan.

Addendum: I tried making piada again with an eye to getting the bread really soft and pliable – I think the trick is a bit more milk and olive oil than the recipe calls for, and putting the stove onto a lower heat.

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