This month: SAN MARINO

I spun the wheel again and got my second microstate – this month I’ll be learning more about San Marino!

So before I begin, what do I know about San Marino off the top of my head?

  • I know it’s one of the two independent countries fully enclaved inside Italy, the other being Vatican City.
  • I don’t know too much about the history Italian unification, and what led San Marino to retain its independence, but I’d like to find out. It’s also resisted being conquered by many of the other forces that have come through the Italian peninsula.
  • It’s very small and mountainous, and I’m guessing it’s pretty economically integrated into the surrounding parts of Italy.
  • Likewise, I’m guessing the cuisine is similar to surrounding regions, though I wonder what’s local to just San Marino?

That’s about it! I’m excited to learn more – I bet there’s a lot of really interesting history in particular. I also wonder how the Sammarinese feel about Italy?

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