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As always, went to the ever-addictive site Radio Garden to poke around live radio from Uzbekistan.

Oriat FM 100.5 – Based in Tashkent, Oriat FM is mainly dance, pop, and top 40 hits – the music is mainly in English, with some songs also in Russian or Uzbek, and some work in elements of Central Asian folk music. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve never heard before, it’s good to put on in the background. Occasional news and discussions in Uzbek, but not a lot of ads, and I keep catching the Uzbek national anthem, which plays at 6am local time (my evening). Listen live here.

Pink Unicorn Radio – Online radio from Pink Unicorn Records in Samarkand, a label that focuses on hardstyle dance music, metal, hard rock, but there’s also emo and pop punk. Listen live here.

See The Sea Radio – Another record label in Samarkand, seems to be by the same people behind Pink Unicorn. This is deep house and trance music. I wonder if the name is ironic, given Uzbekistan is one of only two doubly landlocked countries. Listen live here.

A’lo FM – This station in Tashkent bills itself as light-hearted music – pop and dance music from Central Asia, Russia, the West, and other places. Listen live here. Their website also has big collections of memes, funny pictures, and jokes in Uzbek. I ran some through a translator – this one made me laugh:

“Elijah, how do you like your new house?”

“It’s good. At first I felt like a stranger, but now I’m arguing with all my neighbours!”

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