UZBEKISTAN: Moshxo’rda

Moshxo’rda is an Uzbek mung bean soup, with rice, meat (lamb or beef), potatoes, and vegetables – in this case carrots and bell pepper. I used this recipe from Tasty Arbuz, which has a lot of good looking Uzbek recipes on it.

It’s a straightforward soup, mainly flavoured with cumin, onion, and garlic. I used beef and it came out very tender, even though it’s not a massively long cooking process. It’s a hearty stew; the beans add a lot of thickness as they cook. The flavours are subtle, though I did use a very liberal hand with the garlic, and I topped it with some cilantro and paprika, as suggested. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any plain yogurt or sour cream, which is also a common topping moshxo’rda.

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