TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: Snacks to the max!

Part 3 of my giant haul of snacks from Trinidad and Tobago that I got from Caribbean Export Co – parts 1 and 2 are here.

Sunshine Snacks Zoomers – So many varieties of cheezies from Trinidad! These are bright orange wagon wheels, quite salty and really hitting the spot. These are just good honest junk food cheezies, and I really like the shape.

Catch – There’s so many good chocolate bars here, wow. Catch is a caramel centre with layers of chocolate and crispy rice. It’s wonderful, good textures, good chocolate. Love it.

Charles Tiki Gold Vanilla Thrilla – Another Tiki Gold, this one vanilla. A bar of wafers covered in chocolate, but with a mellow vanilla aftertaste. I’d say I like this one more than the chocolate one, but the coconut one is still the best.

K’s Red Mango – I tried K’s Sweet Plums earlier, very much like ume, but now let’s see what these deep red presented mango slices are like! …They are INTENSELY sour, I was not prepared for that. There’s a subtle spiciness and sweetness at the end, but oh man, that’s a pucker. I actually went “WOW” and winced at my first bite …. and yet I finished the bag.

Charles Bobbie – Bobbies are individually wrapped chocolate balls, about the size of a quail egg, with kind of a waxy, dense milk chocolate. Deep in the centre is a single peanut – surprise!

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