Part 2 of my big haul from Caribbean Export Co – part 1 is here, and there’s another part coming!

Sunshine Snacks Chee Zees – These are really nice crispy cheezies, lots of flavour and crunch, but what I can’t get over is that they taste IDENTICAL to Hawkins, a Canada-only brand of cheezies. I mean, that’s good, I love them, but with all the variation in cheezies around the world, it’s really surreal to have two brands from different countries that look and taste identical, with no connection between the two.

Charles Tiki Gold Coconut Craze – The last Tiki Gold I tried was plain chocolate, but there’s a bunch of other flavours – this one is coconut. It’s layers of wafers covered in chocolate, with a subtle coconut flavour. Coconut in sweets is usually low on my preference list, but I actually like this more than the plain chocolate Tiki Gold – you get enough coconut taste to give it some complexity without being overpowering.

Devon Chocolate Digestive – A nice big digestive biscuit covered in milk chocolate. That’s it. Plain and simple, and honestly, great. I’d definitely stock up on these if they were available locally, this just satisfies something in my brain.

Charles Ping Pong – Chocolate covered peanuts, but with a really generous soft milk chocolate coating instead of a hard chocolate shell. Dangerously addictive.

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