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Black Power in the Caribbean Series: Trinidad and Tobago 1970 – BLAM UK has a great series of Black history podcasts, all about 10 minutes long. This particular episode focuses on Trinidad’s Black Power Revolution in 1970, a pivotal civil rights movement. This podcast also touches how racism at Canadian universities and resistance by West Indian students in Montreal (a part of my own country’s history I was sadly ignorant about) directly fed into the civil rights and Black Power movements in Trinidad and Tobago.

This Week in Trini – Short 5-minute podcasts covering the news from Trinidad and Tobago, particularly domestic and national news.

AG Talks: All Things Tobago – This is a really interesting podcast series, featuring Trinidad and Tobago’s Attorney General, Faris Al-Rawi. However, it’s not him being interviewed in a journalistic sense, it’s his own podcast. He focuses on various legal, political, or constitutional subjects, and brings other high profile people to discuss a topic – this one was on the pending legislation to give Tobago increased autonomy, and featured an MP from Tobago, as well as the head of the Tobago Assembly. What makes this podcast remarkable is that it’s definitely very informative about the topic, but it’s also a brilliant piece of political media – Al-Rawi hits his political talking points and advocates his side of the debate, without sounding like a campaign speech. It’s a masterclass for any politician or advocate on how to be relatable and engaging while still putting your agenda forward.

A Day in the Life of Nelly B.: Wendy, Gabby, and the case of the straightened kinks – A look at an incident a few years back where a Trinidadian contestant on “Caribbean’s Next Top Model” was forced to chemically relax her natural hair or be eliminated from the reality show. Nelly B. gives a nuanced look at the incident, as she is someone who has fought for support of natural Black hair, but who also has worked as a model and has a firsthand understanding of the industry and its obligations.

From the Talking Drum to Steel Pans: Drumming in Trinidad and Tobago – Another podcast from BLAM UK, a brief look at the history of drumming in T&T, including times drumming has been banned, and the evolution of the steel pan today and the huge competitions today like Panorama.

And to get a sense of how cool the steel orchestras at Panorama are:

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