TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: Even more snacks

Got a huge grab bag of Trinidadian snacks from Caribbean Export Co on Ebay – there’s so many things that I’m going to need to break this up into three posts!

Holiday Big Foot – This giant monster-foot shaped cheezies are really popular, they seem to be the snack from Trinidad. They’re enormous cheezies, with a big flavour – there’s garlic and paprika and a little bit of tang. These are really REALLY good. They also make spicy ones, I’d love to get my hands on them.

Charles Lunch – There is a LOT going on with this chocolate bar – it’s a multi-course Lunch! So, seems like it’s a wafer core, with caramel and chocolate, then a larger outside layer of chocolate with peanuts and toasted rice in it. It’s really good – there’s a lot of different textures, and they’re generous with the caramel.

Charles Tiki Gold Chocolate Bolt – I got several different flavours of Tiki Gold in my order, so I’m starting with “Chocolate Bolt” – straight up chocolate. It’s straightforward wafers coated in chocolate. The chocolate is pretty good, but feels a big underwhelming after the Lunch bar.

K’s Sweet Plums – A small bag of preserved plums. They’re very much like Japanese ume – slightly tart, slightly sweet, but they’ve also been preserved with some extra flavourings – there’s a little bit of spice at the end. Not bad – there’s apparently also a really spicy version, as well as other preserved fruits and chows.

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