TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: Evolution of Soca / Soca mixes

I have almost no idea where to start with music from Trinidad and Tobago, but I know that soca is a hell of a party. This video gives a helpful history on the evolution of soca, and gives some great artists to look into. Also interesting were the comments on “seasonality” – soca is really tied to Carnival and other festivities.

There’s also great DJs making some big soca jams – I’m really love this high energy live set from DJ Ana at Pitch Lake.

I’m putting down “world’s largest natural asphalt deposit” as a contender for Wildest Live Set Location, on par with the top of a mountain in the middle of the Finnish winter.

Okay, okay, another big soca mix from Trinbagonian artists. Get ready for over an hour of huge energy:

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