There’s a lot of variations of rum punch all around the Caribbean, some with lots of fruit and juice, some more like a highball – I’m going for the latter. I’m making this classic version from Trinidadian mixologist Raakesh Madoo from the video below:

It also a great lesson on cocktail prep and construction – the mise en place and the presentation being crucial!

Sadly, I couldn’t find any rum that was both dark and from Trinidad, so I hope folks will forgive me using a dark Cuban rum instead (I’m not that sorry, Havana Club’s 7 year old rum is great). This is a fantastic drink, really well balanced, with lovely citrus tartness from both the lime and the orange garnish, and great aroma from the nutmeg and bitters – and yet it doesn’t overpower the rum. Sipping it slowly lets it mellow more as the ice melts (also, it’s pretty strong).


Two other things – I didn’t know Angostura bitters were from Trinidad, and I just learned that ripe oranges are green normally, and only turn orange when exposed to cold – like in cold storage to ship ’em up here to Canada.

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