THAILAND: Snacks galore!

Here’s the second half of my order from Thai Snack Online. I’m really looking forward to trying these – I saved the ones I was most excited about for last.

Roscela Milk Tablet – Little round tablets that taste like condensed milk – they have a consistency somewhere between chewable vitamins and freeze dried ice cream. They’re sweet but not too sweet – they’re new to me but I like them a lot!

Knorr Pork and Seaweed instant congee – Instant congee, just add water. Had it for breakfast one day, it’s not bad. It rehydrates a little watery, but with lots of flavour – nice and salty.

Taro Extreme Hot Cuttlefish – These dried fish strips are promising me extreme heat – let’s see if they deliver. They’ve got some sweetness, a fishy flavour, and yes, they are spicy! It’s not instant fire, instead the heat builds up for a good mouth burn.

Tawan Spicy Larb Tapioca Chips – Really nice texture to the chips, and it does have a lovely larb flavour – meat and lime and mint. Only mildly spicy, though, but very flavourful.

Tamarind House Tamarind 4 Tastes – More from Tamarind House, but this time it IS tamarind! Four flavour tamarind, to be exact – sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. It’s shelled tamarind with the seeds still inside, with a dusting of salt, sugar, and chili. Yum. I feel like I should be eating this outside so I can spit the seeds!

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