THAILAND: Even more snacks

Straight from the source – I put a big order in with Thai Snack Online, I’ll have to split it into two posts. They’ve got a really good selection, and the shipping to Canada was pretty fast and reasonable (though Canadian border services stopped it – thankfully they didn’t pinch any of my treats!)

Tamarind House Crispy Banana with Passionfruit – No actual tamarind in these – that’s the brand name. Dried banana chips with a bit of passionfruit jam in between them. These are delicious, they’re not too sweet but still feel like a great treat. I’d definitely re-order these.

Mama chicken instant noodles – Mama is the brand of instant noodles in Thailand – so much so that “Mama” has become a generic term, kind of like “Kleenex”. They’re good thin noodles, with a slightly spicy chicken broth. I added in some veggies and meat, but nothing else for flavourings.

Lays Cheese Burger chips – I love when a brand that sells really different flavours in other countries – Lays, KitKat, Fanta, etc. Thailand has cheeseburger chips! They smell really good, smokey and cheesy. They’re really tasty too, tastes like onion and well…a burger!

Sunsnack Sunflower Kernel Corn Cheese – I thought they would be something lie pretzel bites but these are actually sunflower seeds! They’ve got a savoury-sweet coating with a nutty flavour, and a mild cheese flavour. Really addictive.

Heart Beat Lime Soda candy – Heart-shaped hard candies with a sherbet filling. The hard candy tastes like lime, but in a tart, distinctly realistic way. The sherbet is also tart and slightly fizzy, it really does taste like a club soda with lime juice, but in candy format. I love these.

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