THAILAND: More snacks

Poked around Ottawa’s Chinatown (which has a lot of Southeast Asian stores and restaurants) for more Thai snacks, picked up some goodies from Lim Bangkok Grocery and Kowloon Market.

Real Basil Seed Drink – Word of the day: the term for seed that make a gooey gel coating when soaked is “mucilaginous” – and that includes basil seeds. It’s a fun texture, especially when used in desserts or drinks. I’ve got two different flavours of a Thai basil seed drink. Passion Fruit is somewhat sweet but has a good realistic passion fruit taste. Lychee is more intense and sweeter, with lychee flavour tasting a bit artificial.

Tao Kae Noi Mala – I love mala flavoured things; I go ape for the combo of Sichuan pepper and chilies! Let’s see how it is… the dried seaweed is hotter than the Sriracha flavour (but not as hot as Spicy). There’s a smokiness to it, but it tastes more like mala potato chip flavour than actual mala seasoning – I’m not getting much Sichuan pepper. It’s still really tasty, but I wouldn’t have guessed it was meant to be mala in a blind test.

Wai Wai instant noodles – Wai Wai is a popular instant noodle brand in two places that don’t have a huge connection to each other – Thailand and Nepal. It’s thin seasoned instant noodles with a mild broth. It’s a good starting base, I boosted mine with some veggies, peanuts, green onion, Thai chili basil sauce, and a dash of Thai fish sauce, which really made it into a great meal.

Madam Pum Ruam Mitt – A package of nearly-instant ruam mitt – a cold dessert of green, pink, and white tapioca noodles and pearls in a sweet coconut broth with jackfruit chips. Takes a little bit of prep – about 10 minutes cooking time, but it’s tasty and very sweet. Great textures, especially if you cook the noodles a little al dente, and the colours are really fun.

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