Perfect for fall, all the different varieties of pumpkins and squashes are starting to make their way into grocery stores here. I’m going to try out the Thai dessert sankaya – a coconut custard steamed inside a pumpkin. You then cut slices like a cake and enjoy! I’m using this recipe from Temple of Thai.

It’s a very easy recipe – hollow out a Kabocha pumpkin (though I’m sure you could make this with any squash available), mix together eggs, coconut milk, palm sugar (a zester grates it perfectly), and some seasoning, pour it into the pumpkin and steam until set! I couldnt get my hands on pandan flavouring – the Thai grocery that carries it was closed. However, the recipe says vanilla is an alternative, and I’ve got a vanilla pod burning a hole in my pocket.

Warning – I did not make a picture-perfect dish.

Structural failure in process

The structural integrity of my pumpkin started to fail one I got it out of the steamer, and I realize I’ll never be an instagrammer or food photographer, but none of that matters – it tastes good! The pumpkin, coconut, and vanilla go together really nicely, and the textures complement each other.

Ain’t pretty, but tastes good

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