THAILAND: Par pia sod, satay, and grapow gai sup

After reading about the Thai Select award, I had to go try out one of the recipients – Khao Thai in Ottawa’s Byward Market. I went with a friend and oh wow, the food was great!

To start, we had the classic chicken satay and par pia sod – fresh salad rolls with marinated tofu, mint and basil, and mango. Both came with a really good peanut sauce – spicy and flavourful.

I then had the grapow gai sup (I see it elsewhere as pad grapow gai) – minced chicken and green beans with basil and chilies, with a soft egg on top of jasmine rice on the side and fish sauce with chilies. I demolished this dish, it was fantastic – spicier than it looks, and the beans adding really nice texture. I’m definitely going back, they’ve got a huge menu with the gamut of Thai dishes.

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