My local T&T has a big southeast Asian section, so I swung by to grab some snacks from Thailand!

Tao Kae Noi Sriracha – This one is on me, I’ve been eating Tao Kae Noi for years and I never clued in that it was Thai. The packaging in Canada is in English and Chinese, but I always vaguely assumed it was a Korean brand, since that’s what most other seaweed snacks are. I normally buy the Spicy flavour, but I picked up a couple of flavours I’ve never tried before. I was worried the Sriracha flavour would be the same as Spicy, but it’s not – it’s a nice garlic taste to it, but unfortunately, almost no heat at all!

Tao Kae Noi Tempura Seaweed – Tempura fried pieces of seaweed, with a great texture. Not getting much of the salted egg flavour apart from maybe a little eggy sweetness in the end, but regardless, these are delicious and crunchy.

Mogu Mogu soursop drink – This came in a six pack, so I shared it around with some friends. I was not expecting it to be controversial, but turns out soursop is one of those things like cilantro or black licorice – some people love it, some people have a visceral hate of it. I like it – it’s sweet, with a slight tang from soursop, plus chewy coconut jelly.

DMD Bridge freeze-dried durian – While I like soursop, durian is a different matter. I’ve given durian a few attempts – fresh, in a chocolate smoothie, in a fancy dessert, and I still struggle with it. Let’s see if I like it better in freeze-dried form. The smell is actually nice, and the flavour is much milder, love the freeze-dried texture, and there’s still a little sulphur durian punch so you know what it is. Yeah, this isn’t that bad! This could actually be a stepping stone to better appreciating durian – I even finished one of the portions!

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