Kofta (or in Albanian, qofte) is one of those dishes with a wide range – lots of variations not just by region (north Africa to the Balkans to India) but within individual families. Regardless, minced meat with herbs and spices in patty / meatball / stick form is going to be good.

I’m using an qofte recipe from Discovering Albania that uses flavours that seem to pop up often in Albanian recipes – feta and mint. The recipe just calls for “meat” – I’m using beef but lamb would be just as good. Mix the ingredients up, shape into little patties, fry in a pan!

Yum, crispy fried meat hot out of the pan. The mint is subtle but gives it a nice flavour, and there’s a nice tang from feta. I’m having them with some cherry tomatoes as a snack – a nice balance of richness and acidity.

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