I picked up some nice crusty baguette today, so it’s perfect to test run a couple Albanian treats! (Well, two out of three go with the bread.)

Albanian Naturals Raw Pine Honey – I love a nice honey, particularly to stir into some plain yogurt in the morning. Since it’s raw honey, it’s more flavourful – there’s a subtle herbal flavour and a lot more oomph overall than something pasteurized to oblivion. There’s also a bit of the same tang in the aftertaste that you get if you’ve ever snacked on spruce tips in the spring.

Sejega Fig Jam with Cacao – Picked it up from the Albanian section of Turkish Mart, I’m intrigued by the combination of fig and cacao. Let’s get it on this baguette and see how it is! It’s not as sweet as I was expecting – it’s predominantly fig but there’s a subtle chocolate flavour that comes out at the end. This is lovely as a sweet treat, but I bet it could pair well with meat and cheese too.

Fanta Exotic – This flavour of Fanta is available across eastern and northern Europe – but it’s particularly popular in Albania, and there’s unconfirmed comments that it may have been an Albanian exclusive at one point in the past. Passion fruit, peach, and orange – it’s really tasty. No wonder this flavour is sought after!

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