ALBANIA: Albanian Radio

The Accursed Mountains (aka The Albanian Alps) – Source: Horizon Guides

One again spun the globe on Radio Garden and got some interesting radio stations from Albania.

Radio DJ 98.2 – Based in Tirana, it’s well-DJ’d dance mix. Great for working out or working at your desk! No talking or ads as far as I can tell, just 24/7 dance music. It’s definitely on my favourites. Listen live here.

My Music 97.3 – A pop music channel that only plays Albanian artists – mainly in Albanian, but some songs are in English as well. A good spectrum of what’s popular – rap, pop, ballads, dance music, R&B. A few bumpers but not a lot of ads. Listen live here.

Radio Pendimi – I tuned in at about 2am Albanian time for some beautiful atmospheric Islamic music in Albanian. Turns out that this is a Sunni religious station partially sponsored by Saudi Arabia. That led me down the Wikipedia rabbit hole on Islam in Albania since the fall of communism – in the 30 years since religion has been allowed back into public life, Sunni and Sufi Islam and Christianity have returned in fits and starts, with most people identifying but unobservant. Both religions have had the support of NGOs and the faithful in other countries, and Albania is navigating a complex web of identities as a secular state but with religious freedom, a Muslim state in Europe, an EU aspirant, and receiving support from countries like Saudi Arabia. Listen live here.

Radio Lushnja 95.5 – Based in Lushnjë, a small city in the middle-south. Since I keep on logging on to radio at the equivalent of the middle of the night in Albania, I keep on getting the fun late night music. I ended up with something that sounded similar to klezmer, then a sweet folk song, then some latin beats in Albanian. Listen live here.

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