ALBANIA: The start and the end of Cold War

I’m really looking forward to learning more about Albania’s history – both the more ancient and the more recent. The Cold War is a good starting place – Albania was closed off to the point that comparisons with North Korea are common, and found itself pulled between the USSR, Yugoslavia, and China, eventually ending up divorced from all three in the end.

The below video is a look at the relationship between Yugoslavia and Albania during the start of the Cold War, up to Yugoslavia splitting from the Soviet sphere of influence, and severing its support for Albania. It also tees up why Albania then went for China in the Sino-Soviet split (there’s also a video with deeper explanation on the split itself, and History Matters’ take on Albania backing China.)

I’d suggest following with this poetic look from Rare Earth – it takes Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha‘s name carved into a mountain as a metaphor for memory and explores the decline and fall of communist Albania and how the modern state remembers its history.

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