TOGO: Le silence est un cri

Another great short film from Togolese musician and filmmaker Elom 20ce – women of a rural village sharing their daily lives, the importance and challenges of living close to the land, and their Vodou faith. (Subtitles available in English.)

I’d strongly recommend this interview with Elom 20ce by Africa is a Country; he touches particularly on the need for genuine struggle for fully decolonize and the tragedy of the Balkanization of Africa.

He also has done a series of interviews with people in various life situations around Lomé – from amateur footballer cab drivers to motorcycle-loving androgynous models. I particularly enjoyed the depth and openness of this interview with Blacky, a street vendor.

While Elom 20ce’s rap weaves its way through his documentary films, he also has more traditional music videos, either as stand alones or as part of a series – such as “Poings d’interrogation”, one part of a larger Afro-futurist scifi story. (Heads up – non-sexual nudity.)

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