TOGO: Togolese Radio

Aklowa Falls – Source

For a small country, there’s a lot of good radio from Togo! As always, I used Radio Garden this month to take a listen; here are some stations that really caught my ear.

Obé Web Radio – Online radio out of Lomé – this has been one of my favourites to listen to. It’s a really good mix of pop, rap, dance music – mainly francophone African. It’s a lot of good upbeat music, mixed well with not too many repeats. Listen live here.

Gameli Folklorique – Radio Gameli has several different channels; I’m really enjoying the folk music one, especially the drumming with complex polyrythms, backed with choirs. Listen live here.

Ahouevi – A really good broad selection of music – I’ve tuned in on different days at different times and listened to jazz, R&B, Togolese folk, and Koffi Olomide’s “Coronavirus Assassin” lockdown song about God’s wrath. Ahouevi’s site also has Togolese news and a heavy focus on football. Listen live here.

Radio Nataan – “The Voice of the Savannah” – the northernmost radio station I could find, based out of Dapaong, where coastal Africa starts to transition into the dry Sahel. They have a strong focus on sharing artists from Togo’s north, as well as the region’s history and culture. Listen live here.

Radio Université de Kara – Campus radio from the University of Kara in northern Togo. It’s the second university in Togo and has some of the best computer tech in the region. When I tuned in the campus channel was playing funk-gospel. Listen live here.

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