TOGO: Vaudou Game – La Vie C’est Bon

I have been listening to Vaudou Game on heavy rotation – La Vie C’est Bon has been stuck in my head since I first listened to it. Vaudou Game is the creation of Togolese singer Peter Solo, where he mergers two important pieces of Togolese musical heritage – 70’s West African Funk and Vodou. Solo, like many folks in Togo, is a devout Vodou follower, and he incorporates Vodou beats and imagery into the music. His music is fantastic, with great videos to boot.

Ok, ok, one more song.

There’s also a great interview with Peter Solo in French where he gets into detail about how Vodou guides his life and it’s importance both as a cultural touchstone in West Africa and as a guide for respecting nature.

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