CHILE: More snacks

Here’s the second half of my order of Chilean snacks from ChinChile!

Costa Tuyo -Tuyo is a half-and-half chocolate bar, with the top dipped in while chocolate and the bottom in milk chocolate. There’s layers of wafers and a bit of peanut butter on the inside, but it’s not heavy. This is pretty tasty! The same compay also makes a Tuyo bar in Peru that’s packaged the same but in blue and yellow – and from what I can tell it may be a totally different chocolate bar.

Livean instant juice – Packets of instant juice powder, sweetened with aspartame. Each pack makes a litre of juice. It’s advertised as a zero carbon footprint product, although that’s before it’s shipped first to the States, then airmailed to Canada! There were many flavours available, so I picked two at random – Melón tuna and Huesillo.

  • Melón tuna has nothing to do with fish, it means “prickly pear melon” and is the Chilean name for honeydew. The juice is bright green and smells very much like melon. It’s a good but artificial flavour, I can tell it’s aspartame.
  • Huesillo is a kind of dried peach used for mote con huesillo, a Chilean summer drink. The juice was brown and frothy, it looked more like a beer! It’s very sweet, but the peach flavour is distinctly different from peach drinks we get in Canada – it’s kind of a deeper flavour, a bit like brown sugar.

Ambrosoli Guagüitas – Baby-shaped fruit marshmallows with a slightly powdery coating – it’s a very different texture from regular marshmallows, more like a midway between marshmallows and jelly babies. Mixed fruit flavours – the yellow ones have a strong banana taste. Genuinely not what I was expecting, I was thinking it would be more like those Finnish marshmallows. I really like the texture of these!

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