CHILE: Snacks

I snooped around a few Latin groceries in town, and while I found snacks from almost every other country, nothing came up from Chile! (This seems to be a pattern, there’s never snacks from the country I’m looking for.) Fortunately, ChinChile, a US-based online Chilean food store, ships to Canada – and quickly too!

Nestle Almond Capri – Capri is a cream-filled chocolate bar that comes with different fillings – truffle, cherry, and strawberry were also available. It’s a sweeter chocolate with a filling that’s very much like marzipan. Not bad but very, very sweet – it makes my teeth sing!

Merello Eucalyptus Jelly Gums – These are soft gummy candies that are packed with eucalyptus – these seem to be sold more as a candy/breath freshener than as a herbal medicine, which is what eucalyptus is normally sold as in Canada. They’re tasty if you like eucalyptus (I do!) – but they look exactly like the green spearmint gummies that we get around Christmas here, so I keep on expecting a totally different flavour when I eat these.

Kem – Pineapple flavoured pop. Tastes a lot like pineapple candy, but in a really bold way – almost if you melted down pineapple popsicles and carbonated them.

McKay Orange Triton – Triton is a Chilean Oreo-style cookie that comes in a whole bunch of different flavours. There’s vanilla, lemon, dark chocolate, cappuccino – I snagged the orange-flavoured kind. It’s chocolate cookie (kind of the same biscuit as Fudgeeos rather than Oreos) with orange cream. These are definitely my favourite – it’s a similar taste to a Terry’s Chocolate Orange but in cookie format.

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