CHILE: Pebre

Pebre has been described as somewhere between pico de gallo and chimichurri – a fresh salsa-ish sauce made from onions, cilantro, tomatoes, and chilies. It seems to be an ubiquitous topping in Chile – and it’s really versatile! There are infinite variations, but most rely on aji chileno – a pepper that’s a bit hard to find outside of Chile. Interestingly, a lot of recipes from Chilean ex-pats point to sriracha as a decent substitute flavour-wise. The recipe I’m using is from La Fuji Mama – it’s a family recipe from Santiago.

I should have minced the ingredients down a bit further, but I don’t think that’ll undermine the dish too much. This is great; it’s a punchy, bold sauce – lots of bite from the garlic, green onion, and decently spicy too. I decided to test it out on some plain fried eggs – that was even better, since I left the yolks nice and runny and that mixed well with the juice from the sauce. I’ll definitely be using up this whole bowl of pebre!

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