This month: CHILE

I’ve spun the wheel and for June, I’ll be learning more about Chile! So, before I start, what do I know about Chile off the top of my head?

  • I know that it’s a pretty high-income and stable place today, but that it hasn’t always been. I know a bit about how an American-backed coup brought Pinochet’s dictatorship to power, though I don’t know much deeper on that, apart from it being a very dark time in country’s history.
  • I know that historically, much of modern-day Chile was part of the Inca empire. I wonder how much Inca or other indigenous influence still exists in the country today?
  • Chile is famous for its wines, especially robust reds (looking forward to taste-testing), though I don’t know much more about Chilean cuisine otherwise.
  • I know the Atacama desert, in the north of Chile, is the driest place on earth, which makes it very interesting for science and tourism.
  • Easter Island / Rapa Nui is under Chilean control, and while that island is almost mythical in people’s imaginations, there’s some really interesting actual history surrounding it. I recently listened to a great podcast from Our Fake History that unravels a lot of historical myths and misconceptions about Easter Island – particularly the the moai statues and the depopulation of the island.
  • I have no idea about much of the rest of Chile’s geography, apart from that it’s mountainous all the way down! I particularly would like to learn exactly why Chile is shaped like it is.

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