ALGERIA: More Podcasts

I had previously posted some podcasts in both English and French about Algeria, here’s another really interesting batch. Some are by Algerians, some from other countries, and I’ve marked which language they’re in. Enjoy!

Au cœur de l’Histoire : les années Bouteflika (Fr) – From French station Europe 1, a short biography of Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the Algerian president who was stopped from running a 5th time in 2019 by the Hirak movement.

Ottoman History Podcast – France & Algeria: Origins and Legacies (En) – An excellent interview with a historian about the early French colonization of Algeria, in the context of the real reasons (or lack thereof) for the French invasion, and how Algeria fits into larger systems of colonization and decolonization.

The Goodfolks Podcast (En) – A podcast series by Algerian grad students with interviews with interesting young Algerians. There’s a huge variety of people, academics, entrepreneurs, artists, heads of NGOs, activists, and many more. It’s all in English and is very sharp and candid.

Industrial Algeria (Fr) – An Algerian podcast that specifically interviews entrepreneurs – about their visions, their business, their success and challenges, with a specific focus on marketing.

BBC Witness History: Algeria’s Berbers (En) – A look back at the protests in Algeria in 2001 by the Amazigh for further protection of rights and enshrinement of Tamazight as a national language.

Radio ECO (Fr) – Another business interview podcast from Algeria – this one more aimed at interviews with established businesspeople in Algeria, with a focus on business tactics and the process of growing businesses. I listened to an interesting one by a restaurateur with a chain of locations on identifying potential customers and adapting to the pandemic.

Bellem et ses Hkayet: Djawed, ou plutôt les Djaweds (Fr) – A neat Algerian podcast by Mehdi Bellem, recounting short stories about the different lives of Algerians backed to music. The episode focuses on Djawed, a young man facing an unknown future – out of school early, no formal work.

Boomerang: France/Algérie avec Fellag (Fr) – An 2017 interview with French channel France Inter with Algerian actor and comedian Fellag about a new show about Algeria’s colonial period, his career, and his experiences as an Algerian moving between France and Algeria.

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