ALGERIA: Even more snacks

Idriss Mediterranean, the nice little Algerian restaurant here in Ottawa, also carries a bunch of imported snacks to add to your meal. I was definitely in the mood for chocolate when I picked these up!

Bimo Ambassadeur fourré crème lait – Milk chocolate with a creamy filling. The chocolate is okay, tastes a lot like Kinder Egg chocolate but a bit sweeter. There were several other flavours of filling – I should have grabbed the caramel one.

Bimo Ambassadeur Noir – Yum, semi-sweet dark chocolate, plain and simple. There’s almost a raisiny aftertaste to the chocolate, but in a pleasant way. Reminds me of the semi-sweet chocolate chips I would pilfer from my mom’s baking supplies as a kid – she’d only discover she was out halfway through a recipe!

Bimo Macao – This is more of a chocolate digestive biscuit than a cookie. There’s cocoa in it but it’s not particularly sweet, though it definitely has a nice strong chocolate aftertaste. It doesn’t seem like much at first but they’re definitely addictive!

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