NAURU: Spam fried rice

Spam is immensely popular in the Pacific, with an interesting history from WWII. Due to Nauru having to import most of its food, it’s a very common staple there, and offered at many of Nauru’s restaurants, particularly their ubiquitous Chinese restaurants.

That being said, there doesn’t seem to be one hard and fast recipe for how spam is prepared on Nauru – though spam fried rice seems very popular. I found this photo that’s rice with a fried egg and fried spam slices on top (though there may be some other ingredients under the egg, hard to tell), but Anibare Restaurant seems to do it up more Chinese restaurant style.

I feel like there’s a fair bit of leeway here, so I’m also going to also make it that way, especially since there are dozens of Chinese restaurants on the island. They seem to not go particularly hard on spices on Nauru, so I’m going to use this straightforward recipe from Buns in My Oven. I am, however, going to use Mala Spam for a little extra kick (I think it’s the same thing as Hot and Spicy Spam, which is definitely available on Nauru).

It ain’t healthy, but boy it’s good. Letting the rice sit out to cool first gives it a great restaurant-quality texture, as does making sure to brown the spam.

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