NAURU: Radio and podcasts

Coming in to Nauru on Nauru Airlines – Source: Fun Geography

Radio Nauru – Nauru’s official radio station – during the day it plays Nauruan programming with BBC News. The music has a good variety – folk songs in Nauruan, religious music, pop and some retro jams. Overnight programming is rebroadcasting Australian talk radio. Unfortunately, the internet livestream isn’t very reliable, sometimes it will go down for a few days. Listen live here.

While I can’t find any podcasts from Nauru, I found some very interesting individual episodes (mainly from Australian news sources) about different aspects of Nauru’s history, culture, and current situation.

ABC Earshot: The secret history of Nauru – A look into the Nauruan phosphate boom and getting into the nitty gritty of how the country lost its fortune – the bad investments, the money laundering, how Nauru ran up against the American Patriot Act when Al-Qaeda members showed up with Nauruan passports, but also how many Nauruans protested the bad investments and the squandering as it happened.

3CR Earth Matters: Listening to Nauru – An Australian environmental podcast interviewing an political geographer who has worked extensively on Nauru to study the effects of climate change on both the island and the people. Has excerpts from discussions with Nauruans on climate, and touches on how extractive colonialism has created an uncertain future for the island – both through the devastation from phosphate mining and rising ocean levels.

BBC Radio Poetry Postcards: Nauru – “Proudly She Sways Her Colour True” by Lyn Detabene, a Nauruan poet and teacher. She also shares about the country, and the importance of supporting and reviving culture and identity on Nauru.

Reveal News: Five years on Nauru – Investigative journalism from 2019 by ABC on the children of detained refugees kept on Nauru and the (lack) of support from the Australian government, as well as how the Australian Pacific Solution came about with Nauru. I also want to flag that if you’re in Canada or Australia you can donate to Operation #NotForgotten, which is resettling the last detained refugees from Nauru to Canada.

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