This month: NAURU

For April, the country I’m going to be learning more about is Nauru! There’s definitely a pattern forming, so far 4 of the 5 countries I’ve picked have been blue flags (thank you, Mozambique, for breaking the pattern).

So as I start this month, what do I know about Nauru already?

Well, I know it’s a very very small country in the Pacific – it’s the third smallest in terms of landmass (only Monaco and the Vatican are smaller) and the population is only around 12,000 people. I’m trying to visualize that – basically you could seat the entire country’s population in a hockey arena and still have a third of the seats empty.

I know that the country is challenged economically, and like a lot of Pacific islands, threatened by climate change. I also know Nauru is infamous for hosting Australian migrant detention centres, though I don’t know much more about them or if they’re still active.

Since it’s such a small country and they really don’t have a big internet footprint, it may be challenging to find things created by Nauruans – something I’ve been trying to prioritize when looking at things like books, movies, food and art for each country. However, the chase is half the fun!

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