FINLAND: Finnish Radio / Podcasts

The Oulu Groke. Source: Atlas Obscura / HRNICK

Once again, took a spin through Radio Garden this month to listen to Finnish radio. Here’s some channels I found myself listening to.

Kaupunki Kanava – Campus radio from Laajasalo College in Helsinki – a mix of music, mainly in Finnish, with some talk interspersed. Listen live here.

Radio Inari – I tried this station at random since it was the furthest north in Finland (on Radio Garden at least). It’s turned out to be a really delightful mix of music, you can’t predict what they’ll play next. Finnish pop songs, Detroit rap, EDM, Top 40, who knows! Listen live here.

Viva Classica – Just a nice, soothing, good quality classical music station. Tends to be light, soothing classical, minimal to no talking. Listen live here.

Kaaosradio 24/7 and Kaaosradio Chillout – A pair of wonderfully weird internet radio stations in Helsinki – they play really wild and trippy mixes, usually experimental house, trance, techno and ambient music. Usually 24/7 is more wild and Chillout is more melodic, but I’ve dipped into both at different hours and got some really different beats. I really dig these. Listen to 24/7 here and Chillout here.

SuomiRäp – You want Finnish rap? 24/7 Finnish rap! Listen live here.

Government Palace, Helsinki – Source: Pixy

As well as radio stations, I poked around for some Finnish podcasts. There’s a narrow band of podcasts from Finland but in English – a lot are either in Finnish or language learning. However, there are a few neat ones in English:

The History of Finland Podcast – First of all, get ready for one of the most soothing podcast voices – the host has soft voice with a strong Finnish accent. It’s almost ASMR and will easily soothe you off to sleep. It’s still in progress, but the podcast follows through Finnish history starting from the Mesolithic onwards, as well as side episodes on Finnish minority groups like the Sami.

All Points North – English language news and culture podcast, produced through the Finnish Broadcasting Company. Usually a few topical subjects a week with a focus on politics and policy – both municipal and national. It strikes a nice balance between not dumbing-down subjects but also clarifies things that would need to be explained to non-Finns.

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