FINLAND: Snacks galore!

This is the fourth (!) post of Finnish candy I’ve got to try this month (the first, second, and third are here). This is the second half of my order from FinnGoods – a Vancouver-based Finnish snack store.

Terva Leijona – Literally “Tar Lion” – the infamous pine tar licorice! Starts off minty, then a smokey pine flavour. Doesn’t really register as licorice to me, but I am loving the pine tar – it’s like pine needle tea meets lapsang souchong! Strong menthol flavour overall, breath ends up campfire+mint. These are great.

MakuLaku soft licorice – Comes in many flavours, I ordered strawberry and mint. The strawberry has the flavouring on the outside of the licorice, and is firm with a strong artificial strawberry flavour – similar to licorice Allsorts. The mint one is soft licorice on the outside and mint cream on the inside – the mint dominates the licorice almost totally.

Pihlaja Kettu Rävar – These marmalade-flavoured fox candies are apparently Fazer’s oldest product that’s still available – they started selling them in 1895. Very chewy, slightly tart, and with a very unique berry-and-citrus flavour.

Pätkis – A soft chocolate truffle bar with a hint of mint. Kind of like a more chocolatey After Eight, and quite rich.

Pax – I absolutely love the packaging design on these pastilles. They were introduced post-war in 1947 as a herbal-and-licorice breath freshener. They’re slightly minty, with a firm chewy licorice base and some green herbal notes.

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