FINLAND: Paska Kaupunni

This may stand as one of the funniest things I’ve come across so far:

It was at some point during the 1980s that the text Paska Kaupunni, literally meaning “Shitty City,” first appeared on this wall in downtown Oulu in northern Finland. The text is most likely taken from the Finnish artist Kauko Röyhkä’s song “Paska Kaupunki.”

The graffiti has been removed numerous times over the years, but it always reappears the next day, misspelled in the exact same way (kaupunki would be the correct word). The message has been ingrained in the minds of the city’s inhabitants and is now a part of the city’s identity. There have even been plans to frame the text in some way to protect it.

Atlas Obscura: Paska Kaupunni

40 years! I love it.

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