FINLAND: Rosolli

Rosolli is a side dish that’s normally served at the holidays in Finland – though I’d say since there’s still snow on the ground here in Canada I can argue it’s still “seasonal”. Rosolli is a salad, similar to Russian vinegret, that combines beets, potato, pickles, onions, apples, and carrots in a creamy dressing – it turns a lovely pink colour from the beet juice.

I’m using Kate Hackworthy’s recipe from Veggie Desserts – recipes for rosolli don’t seem to vary too much, though some add pickled herring (may try adding some later – I’ve still got some left). This is a really quick and easy recipe, especially if you use either pickled beets or pre-cooked peeled ones (they’re a lifesaver, preparing beets is the worst).

This flavour combo really works – the sweetness of the beets and the apple contrasts with the sharpness from the pickles and the red onion. I love beets, so this is a great new salad. I know it’s supposed to be a holiday side, but this is both filling and healthy – I think this is going in my regular recipe rotation.

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