FINLAND: Even more snacks

I’ve got another haul of Finnish snacks – enough that I’ll split this into two posts. These come from FinnGoods, who are Canadian-based. I had a really positive experience with them – they refunded overage from my shipping fee and shipped really quickly.

Tupla Maxi – A chocolate bar (well, two little chocolate bars) with almond, caramel, and nougat – tastes like a Mars bar with nuts, but a lot chewier. I really like it, especially the texture.

Pectus Pastilles – Seems these cute little pastille boxes are used for more than just salmiakki! However, none of the copy I can find explains anything what flavour these little pink balls will be, just “perky”. Turns out they’re menthol – my brain says they should be peach but nope, mint!

Lakritsi Lemon – A soft licorice stick with a lemon filling. It’s not salty this time; just regular black licorice. It’s really tasty – the lemon filling is bright and citrusy and goes great with the earthy licorice.

Halva Väiski Marshmallows – Cute rainbow patterns and a random Bugs Bunny, but basically just plain marshmallows in terms of taste. Could be really fun in hot chocolate or in baking, though.

Pirkka Licorice Topping – A black licorice topping – seems aimed for ice cream, but there’s probably a lot of options here. I’m going to try it swirled onto plain yogurt. Yum! It’s sweet but has a strong real licorice flavour, tastes just like a stick of soft black licorice.

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