FINLAND: More snacks

The second half of my haul of Finnish candy from Lakomka Deli in Ottawa. Once again, all the products are Fazer – maybe they’re the only ones that export to Canada?

Liqueur Fills Mixer – Liqueur filled chocolates in three different flavours. I wasn’t expecting the amount of liquid in these and I tried to take a bite instead of eating the whole thing – don’t do that for the sake of your shirt. Strawberry Margarita tastes like the same artificial strawberry flavouring they use in Pocky. Kir tastes like, well, Kir – sweet blackcurrant flavour. And Finest Herbs has a herbal liqueur, kind of like Chartreuse – startlingly different from the other two sweet flavours. I’d say my favourite is the Kir one – blackcurrant is a woefully underused flavour here and is only really available in imports.

Salmiakki Chocolate Bar – I really love this packaging. This a big ol’ bar of milk chocolate with a liquid salmiakki (salted black licorice) filling. Initially the flavours clashed in my mouth, but then settled down a bit – the salt works with the chocolate more than the licorice does. I love both flavours alone but I’m not really feeling the combination of the two.

Tutti Frutti – Mixed flavour gummies; they’re not made with gelatin so they have a different consistency, but a good one – and they’re not too sweet. Flavours are pear, lemon, strawberry-raspberry, and tutti frutti – I really like the inclusion of pear, I don’t think we use it enough in sweets!

Lakritsi Tyrkisk Peber – A soft stick of black licorice flavoured like “Turkish Pepper” (I tried the original candies here). Comes with a cream filling, and is much milder in taste than the hard candies – much less salt and only a peppery hint in the aftertaste. Not bad.

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