MOZAMBIQUE: Mozambican Radio

Maputo at sunset. Source: Dana Tours

Back to Radio Garden for some live Mozambican radio! I really enjoyed listening to these stations this month:

Rádio Moçambique EP Nampula – Part of Rádio Moçambique’s national network of stations, this station up in Nampula in the north broadcasts in both Portuguese and Makhuwa – a local Bantu language (as an aside, here’s the shame of how Eurocentric education is in Canada – there are more speakers of Makhuwa than Finnish and I’m only just learning about it.) Nampula has shown up a lot this month for a lot of artistic and musical output, and this radio station seems to be on the same wavelength – more music than some of the other stations, and it seems to be majority Mozambican music! Listen live here.

LM Radio – This radio station has a really interesting history – ostensibly it’s an English-language station in Maputo, but it’s less a Mozambican station and more of a South African one. LM Radio was originally started in the 30s and through the mid 20th century served as independent music radio for South Africans, outside of the state-controlled radio inside the country. After Mozambican independence, LM was shut down in 1975. It was revived in 2010 and is broadcast both in Mozambique and South Africa – it mainly plays oldies (or at least in time slots I’m listening to) and runs news reports from BBC Africa. Listen live here.

Radio Cidade 97.9 – A Maputo-based radio station with a huge variety of content – depending on the time of day there’s jazz, hip hop, dance, religious music, news, talk radio – including educational and relationship programming, most of it aimed towards youth and young adults. Much is lost on me since I don’t speak Portuguese, but I’ve caught a big variety of music depending on the time of day. Listen live here.

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