ISRAEL: Even more snacks

…And one more batch of Israeli snacks for the road! I ordered from World of Judaica at the start of the month, and due to the pandemic overwhelming the postal system, they only just made it! They’re all domestic Israeli packaging, so everything is in Hebrew, but I pulled some translations.

Osem Popco Butter and Honey – Slightly caramelized popcorn, with more of a honey scent than taste. Tastes more like a lightly sweet caramel corn, and is really REALLY good.

Osem Petit Beurre Tea Biscuit – Nice tea biscuits, kinda like an arrowroot cookie almost. Dips great in black coffee. I had ordered chocolate ones, but got the original ones instead – still good!

Shtuchim Pretzel Crisps with Sesame Seeds – Really thin little pretzel chips. Straightforward, just the right amount of salt, I like ’em!

Osem Strawberry Bamba – I tried Bamba in one of my earlier snack posts, and it was pretty good – cheesies with made with peanut instead of cheese. But strawberry Bamba? They’re round and smell like strawberry candy – do these have peanuts in them? They’re more like a puffed sugar breakfast cereal…and yet I’m eating them by the handful.

Elite Baflot Lemon Waffle Snacks – Wafer cookies with an artificial lemon filling. I love the texture of these kinds of layered cookies, though the lemon flavour could be more lemony.

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