ISRAEL: Bourekas

Bourekas are a really common snack in Israel – puff pastry with some kind of filling, usually potato or cheese. I found a big pack of frozen potato and spinach ones imported from Israel in the kosher section of College Square Loblaws (the best kosher grocery option in Ottawa).

Interestingly, the shape of kosher bourekas is regulated in Israel – parve (no dairy or meat) are round or square, and those with dairy are triangular. Mine are parve, so they’re square! These were quick and easy, popped them frozen into the oven and ate hot.

Okay, I browned them a little too much! But yum, puff pastry with potato and spinach interior, and creamy enough that I thought there was cheese in them. I’d put them in the same snack family as spanakopita, and would love to try meat and/or cheese ones, though highly unlikely to find one with both due to kosher laws.

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