ISRAEL: More snacks

Round two of Israeli snacks! The first part is here.

Elite Shtix – The box open up to 8 individually wrapped chocolates, all with differently designed wrappers. Milk chocolate (similar to the other Elite bars I’ve tried) with “button chocolate candies” (aka Smarties) inside. Pretty good, except I just can’t get over the use of comic sans on the packaging.

Osem Bissli Falafel – Bissli are popular wheat snacks in pasta shapes. I found a lot of options for flavours, and falafel-flavoured really stood out to me. Smells strongly of cumin, and yes, they do actually taste like falafel! Weird but good.

Elite Milk Chocolate with Strawberry Cream – Very soft milk chocolate with very sweet and sugary cream filling. There’s a bit of an artificial strawberry flavour at the end, but this is far far too sweet for me. I much preferred the Elite milk chocolate with poprocks in it.

Gattegno Bros Naughties – Cookies with a slightly creepy face on one end and a chocolate back. The chocolate tastes fine but the cookie itself is weirdly flavourless, almost like made from the same dough as an unsweetened breakfast cereal. Not really a fan, but these might be saved if they’re good for dipping into coffee.

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