ISRAEL: Israeli radio

Back to Radio Garden for some Israeli radio to listen to while I work! If you haven’t used Radio Garden before, it livestreams radio from around the world, with a really satisfying globe interface – great for finding new channels.

The Baha’i Shrine of the Bab, Haifa. Source: Baha’i Blog

Radio Ham Esh 99.5 – Radio station out of Haifa, a lot of the song are modern remixes of folk music, usually traditional instruments with dance or rock beats mixed in. There are ads mixed in, including many for the clearly popular American Pizza restaurant. Listen live here.

Up2Dance Radio – I love dance music while I’m working, so this has been a great background channel. This online station in Tel Aviv has lots of remixes, no ads as far as I can tell, and often 90s music. Listen live here.

Israel1 Radio – Online radio station based in Jerusalem, though I can’t find much more information on them. They play a mix mainly of folk and pop, generally upbeat and contemporary, all in Hebrew. Listen live here.

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